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Silence, a book to be read with the senses.

This work is my final year project of my studies graphic design.

It consists in carrying out a book using the relief of 3D printing, to make illustrations and braille.Offering a new tactile communication for all, giving visually impaired accessibility and a new tactile experience to the public Seer.

According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO ) «there are approximately 285 million people suffer from some sort of visual impairment of which 39 million are blind, representing 0.7% of the world population. The developing countries account for 90% of the population affected by blindness in the world. It affects mainly affects people over 50 years representing 65% of the total.»

This book of poetry illustrated relief to read and play for the blind and visually impaired people therefore offering a new tactile communication for all, to allow to have an "image" or representation and also a new interactive way to read a book by touch.

Silence is a collection of poems by way of micro-stories that relate feelings and sensory experiences, in many synesthetic occasions. It is independent sentences, but also as a whole short story.

The book has a cover, back cover and sheet loans, inside cover, 14 pages each with poetry represented in the two alphabets, 14 pages of illustrations and description in Braille just below these for facilitars your understanding. All pages have the same format to guide easily using repetition of the elements of the book.

Formally simple illustrations contain a complex meaning that surprise the viewer who sees and touches. They have been made thinking about how the message to be read by touch and not create misunderstandings. Designed a minimalist removing everything that was not important for communication, but keeping the figurative form of everyday objects so that blind people were easier to relate it to their daily reality or even giving them a new mental shape your imagination.

The dimensions of the page are 215x150cm. Each page has a bridge and 5 holes. High bridge allows to fold the pages providing greater flexibility.

The binding was intended to facilitate the DIY (do it yourself). This binding based enquadernadors is accessible anywhere in the world and also economic. In addition the page layout opens the door to multiple possible bindings.

The color White Book is chosen by symbolic issues. It is the symbol of the white cane blindness, also the white color in RGB is one that contains all colors, symbolizes all colors that blind people have to imagine in order to empathize with those who see.

The books for visually impaired people are few and very expensive. Besides that they count most with a slow manual process. So 3D printing would be useful.

This book opens a way to generate a new form of communication focused on a universal and accessible language to any persona. This a new medium for publishing more accessible content.


title book silence


Cover page
title silence

inside cover

A woman acrobat on one foot on a rope with an umbrella in hand

Page 2

Pags 1/2
Las únicas personas normales que conocerás son aquellas que aún no has conocido.

Page 3

Three Animals bodied man looking at a man

Page 4

Pags 3/4
¿Por qué nos empeñamos en quedarnos quietos? La tierra siempre está en movimiento.

Page 5

A turtle on planet earth

Page 6

Pags 5/6
Todo parecía imposible hasta que intento conseguirlo.

Page 7

A boy on a fish flying near the moon

Page 8

Pags 7/8
Vagó por el sabor de los recuerdos.

Page 9

A woman sitting on a pacifier with nipple bulb.

Page 10

Pags 9/10
Abrió la jaula y dejó volar su imaginación.

Page 11

A man with a cage in the head leaving him three birds.

Page 12

Pags 11/12
Descolgó su sonrisa del perchero y se despidió de su puerta.

Page 13

A woman holds up a mask of comedy with a coat rack with umbrella

Page 14

Pags 13/14
El tacto del viento se dejaba llevar por la brisa de su piel.

Page 15

The air flying hat of a girl on a cloud

Page 16

Pags 15/16
Desnudaba el alma con sus dedos.

Page 17

A giant robotic hand touches a naked woman

Page 18

Pags 17/18
Tocando su voz con las palabras.

Page 19

A child touches the letters coming out of a megaphone

Page 20

Pags 19/20
Cada nota de sonido era parte del puzzle.

Page 21

A woman with head watered musical note musical notes city

Page 22

Pags 21/22
El aire pasó a oler esperanza.

Page 23

Browse a bird man in a boat-shaped anchor

Page 24

Pags 23/24
Encontró el camino siguiendo la dirección para perderse.

Page 25

A girl gives birth to a signal arrow with a candle lamp

Page 26

Pags 25/26
No pretendas ser único y encajar al mismo tiempo, pues encajar es la manera de no conocerse jamás.

Page 27

A clown holding a hoop while a child goes through.

Page 28

Double blank page color book

Page 29

blank page color book

back cover

Spine of the book, where the number of pages seen, bookbinding and bookbinders with white front cover

Spine book

Detail of the spine of the book with bookbinders


Detail of the book where you see in the foreground in Braille on a page